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Thanks much, Ken!

The lens arrived an hour after I received your email!  :) 

You are a master of these modifications - it is so well done that I
couldn't tell this was a mod if I didn't know otherwise.

I'll send you some image when I get some stuff processed.

			  Canon f 0.95 lens


Mr. Ruth,
--- Just a quick note to tell you that I just received the Weltini.  You did a wonderful job!  What a difference ---- I can actually see through the view/rangefinder!  The shutter/lens mechanism looks and sounds great --- nice and smooth --- I can't wait to get out an take photos with it this weekend!


Hello Ken

the Ensign Autorange is here - it is beautiful. thank you for working on our camera & also taking your time to run a test on the shutter speeds
thanks & warmest regards
Thanks again for your incredible work in revitalizing this old, beautiful photo-making machine!




I got it today.  Must be the best working one in the USA.  Thanks.


Thank you!

Finally got the Super Ikonta A out this weekend for a few rolls.  Your
ministrations were wonderful; images are now great.

Hi Ken,

The M8 and Canon 50mm are indeed in love with each other!! :-)

I've had the 50mm since 2009, and the M8 since 2010. I can't believe
I waited so long to have them mate :-)

Thanks for the info! Was able to take it off easily with your instructions.
You're awesome!

Best Regards,


I received my Medalist today. Thank you for the superb work!

Am really impressed how bright the viewfinder is, as bright as a Leica M, and easy to focus indoors.