One way I find that is a good way to pack is to put each item in a clean plastic bag,

wrap that in bubble wrap avoiding using tape on the bubble wrap as it will be

reused when shipping back. Fit this into a small box and place that small box in a

slightly larger box filled with Styrofoam chips [not the expanded starch type as

they deteriorate if moist].


 Each item within the main shipping container should have it's own individual box

 to prevent items from damaging each other during the vibration of shipment.

I recommend an inner box even if only one item is being shipped.

 Please if possible exclude extraneous items such as cases, straps, cable releases,

filters, paper memorabilia, and lens caps unless they are needed as part of the repair.

Generally a camera should always include a lens and if needed fresh batteries.

>>>> It is very important to include in the main box a note with:

email, name, return address, phone #, and a mention  as to why the item is being sent. <<<<<<

You can ship via. FedEx, UPS, or US Post *

[At times for very high value items insurance is cheaper for UPS or FedEx than mail  but there can be limits ] >>> FedEx declared value policy <<<

If you have a FedEx account you can include that # for return shipping charges for express if that is easier,

[for ground FedEx there is a charge of $11.00. added for pick up which I will add to your bill ]

Return shipping is usually by FedEx. [ Shipments outside the United States are sent via U. S. Post]

Delay, and an extra charge may occur for items that need to be returned by US Post, COD, or by other carriers.

As soon as your shipment is here I will send an update PDF to your email address.

If you have problems with PDF files please let me know.


*Items shipped here from other countries will be refused if shipped by UPS or FedEx or any other carrier that charges the recipient for internationalal package services, duty, or other related charges.  If items do arrive for some reason anyway with such charges the cost will be billed to the sender as an additional shipping expense.

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