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 Here is some generic boiler plate on the Medalist conversion

120 and 620 are for all intents and purposes identical it's the spools that differ.

            Function is not changed by conversion. 120 spools are slightly longer and

slightly greater in diameter than 620 spools. [ both sides are changed to accept 120 spools]

The design of the 620 spool primarily functions to prevent using film made by other

manufacturers  from being used in the camera.

    The standard conversion cost for  a Medalist I is $417 a Medalist II is $395

 [plus shipping/insurance back].

                Adjustment and lubrication and cleaning most prisms is included, shutter

cleaning is not, but if cleaning and re-lubrication of the shutter is included at time of

adjustment to 120, the total cost is $506.00 for "shutter" and "conversion" together.

    [Note this adjustment is for both film chambers meaning you spool from feed 120 to

take up 120 ]

The Shutter cleaning if that is the only thing to be done is $ 197

Adjustment of focus and rangefinder cost if needed beyond basic adjustment depends on camera condition.


To adjust ONLY the feed side to accept 120 spools but not change the take up side or provide

 any other work the cost is $130

 Additional adjustment such as problems with focus, the shutter or winding will be quoted.


 If you have any questions let me know or call during my regular phone times

to talk about it.

10/5  wed./ Thurs. 10/noon Fri.


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