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Shown is a Medalist I


        The starting set up of the camera before you start loading film would be to have the top

mechanical counter dial pushed down and rotated to reveal the zero then let it up with a

wiggle [not you, just the knob] to be sure it is secure in it's detent. [ See note on Medalist I below*]

    Next install the new roll [making certain the paper backing is centered and pulling taut on

to the spool] then close and latch the back. Open the red window in the back and wind until

the first # [AKA one] just shows in the dark hard to see anything red window that Kodak

perversely demands that you view in subdued light.


Now! push down and rotate [in either direction depending on the which side of the equator

you are on] the mechanical counter dial and wiggle it into the # one position.


Next: continue to rotate the wind knob until it stops fully [about a tiny fraction of a turn]


Then fully cock the shutter using the lever under the finder windows in the back swinging it

far to the left.

    You are loaded [rather the camera is excuse me!]

                After each exposure tripped from the body release the wind knob is free to turn

again and will stop automatically for each frame and also automatically cock the shutter

[provided it is fully wound each time and something is not haywire inside]

If you use a cable release you will still need to punch the body trip button after taking your

picture to get the thing to wind again.


The moral .....  7 out of 8 isn't all that bad.

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* [ Note: on some Medalist I units the counter disk may not hold on O when you manually set the counter disk to the O position.  It may help when just starting to load a roll to instead set the counter to 8 and then let it move to O by itself as you advance the film. This ploy will require that you trip the shutter once to move to O. ]