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       Converting a complete f 0.95 Canon lens to M Leica

Conversion requires using up an adapter ring [ Screw Mount to M ] which is usually provided by you.
For a Canon camera version the cost for conversion and lens focus is adjusted along with modification to release the lens from the M body lock is; $295

       The typical cost for a Canon f 0.95 TV series lens where a rangefinder coupling surface is created and lens focus is adjusted along with modification to release the lens from the M body lock is: $375 .

If the lens is missing parts of the original mounting hardware there may be some additional charge to create release mechanisms.

In all cases due to variations in Leica bodies which can affect both mounting. This is particularly a requirement for the Leica M8. To achieve integration of lens focus and rangefinder focus in a large high speed lens of this type it is required to have the target Leica M body here including the preferred widest angle lens you would normally wish to work with. *


 [Some M release variations: M4, M3, M2, M8]

*[ this is frequently necessary for M2 or M3 models as the body thickness  is frequently off, and with later units the issue is mounting/release compatibility. There will be an addition charge { C. $ 65.00 } in some cases for repair of the camera where there are problems with the Leica body to be corrected to bring it back to Leica standard. Cameras made by other manufactures than Leitz such as the CL and CLE by Minolta which while able to accept the lens in the mount will have finder problems due to the large diameter of the lens occluding the windows more than larger Leica bodies]



                        [Now that you have it,  how to put it on and take it off again ]

The first step when either putting the modified Canon f 0.95 lens on to the Leica M body or taking it off again

is to turn the focus fully out to the 1 meter distance setting. [ This will align the red dot on the focus scale with the insertion red dot on the side of the lens that will face the release button on the body when the lens is put on and removed from the camera.]


This is done to both protect the rear element from damage and to also prevent damage to the Leica rangefinder arm in the camera body.





Next align the lens with the body and insert as usual.





Turn the lens clockwise into the locked position on the Leica body then make sure the release tab on the lens remains is centered over the body lens release.







To release the lens turn the focus back to 1 meter, press the release tab on the lens toward the body of the lens to activate the camera body lens release and rotate the lens slightly counterclockwise then releasing the tab to continue turning the lens counterclockwise until it can be removed from the camera. [ various Leica M mount cameras will have a slightly different feel and some may not need to have you release the tab to continue removing the lens such as the M2 Leica.]

Storage of the lens It is best to set the focus on 1 meter to provide better protection for the rear element and when shipping leave the lens at full aperture to protect the aperture blades from vibration or sudden impact shock.





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