Basic Soho Reflex Instructions

After the camera has been tripped resetting the mirror and shutter is as follows.

The mirror stud is moved fully to the bottom of it's slot.

[the camera usual must be fairly level from side to side for the wood parts of the mirror to close properly without having to jiggle the stud to latch at the bottom] shown below is the stud with the mirror down and latched.

This stud will slid up again when the shutter is released but first we need to

cock the focal plane shutter before taking a picture.

To cock the shutter the cocking knob is turned clockwise until it fully stops. Depending on the speed being used this stopping point will vary but must be always turned to the end of it's travel.



Here the knob is shown turned to match the scribe mark and arrow.

This position is the only one to be used when speeds are changed by adjusting the shutter curtains slit width. Once a speed slit is selected continue turning the knob until it stops as usual.



To change shutter speeds first match the arrow and scribe mark as illustrated above.

Then pull up and turn this knob.

The speeds available will be seen on the other side of the camera as you rotate this pulled out knob



The speed indicator dial

The speeds disk rotates under the round window to show each speed.

When you find the speed you want just push the speed setting knob back in again.




The Time / Instant lever

This functions when the camera is set at speed 1/6 [avoid going past the 1/6 setting when pushing the speed setting knob back in again.]

And last but not least now that you have the mirror down and the shutter set.


The trip stud

This moves back to trip the camera in two stages first the mirror then once the mirror is up it can move back more to trip the shutter.