focusing mount integral with body

no advance crank on right side

focusing scale on upper part of advance/focus knob

speed dial on outside face of advance/focus knob

self-timer scale on left side of body

double exposure dial on right side of body

3 stud male bayonet fitting on bottom of camera body

focus lock lever on right front of body


fixed non-removable chrome focusing mount

PC contact on front of body

mirror lock with switch below shutter release

distance scale and focus control on ring around advance crank

speed dial on left side of body


does not have interchangeable backs

shutter speeds to 500 (Japanese distribution) or 1,000(USA)

double exposure control on dial on right side near frame counter

setting switch

removable focusing unit with distance scales 50,75,135,200mmlens


removable helical focusing mount has black knob for focusing on

front of camera body

no distance scale or focus control on advance knob

small release button for focus ring on front of body

no mirror lock switch on bottom of body

body now in black or chrome

PC contact on left side of body


says S2A unless after 1973 then no longer says S2A but neck strap lugs changed to same as E model, no

longer rabbit ears type, serial number starts #150037 for those S2A cameras without S2A markings.

The S2a has a large stationary edge slotted retaining screw for the wind knob in the center of the wind knob.